Wednesday, October 22, 2014


If you're in a cornfield, you have to put your hand over your chest like Scarlet O'Hara IT IS A LAW.

I'm trying to get healthy. I'm trying.

I have no major health issues, and for that I am grateful, but there are things about my body I've been neglecting for the last few years. Last Friday I finally went to the doctor to discuss some chronic issues and four hours later I left with so many prescriptions and appointments for specialists, I now know what it feels like to be geriatric (you know, when your life after 70 tends to revolve around those kind of things.)

Oh, and don't get me started how at the dinner table on Sunday, I went on and on to my friends about these tests and treatments and blah blah blah and bless their hearts they acted interested.

But let's talk about Vitamin D. The orthopedic was like, "Um, your vitamin d levels were 17 last year, let's test you again and see if it's any better. Normal range is 50-100."

Lo and behold, my Vitamin D levels are currently 13. It's surprising because I spent the Summer swimming almost every day for an hour and trying to get something that resembled a tan for another hour. But I also sometimes wore sunblock and that blocks everything good and bad.

A Vitamin D deficiency causes a number of issues, mainly low energy and mood. At dinner, my friend said, "It's remarkable how much energy you have for someone that deficient." And then that got me thinking, "Actually, I have been pretty tired a lot lately. And overwhelmed."

Guys, I am so overwhelmed by the weirdest things. I have collaborations with some big companies and I barely have the mindset to email them and say, "I need more time to get my ish together." And forget about returning phone calls or those 5,000 unread messages in my inbox. I know some of it is my vapid personality, but I'm hoping getting my vitamin d levels up will help me focus and give me the mental and physical energy I need to get on top of my life. 

And maybe (maybe) it'll make my not want to cry when I have to get up before 8 am.

Have you gotten your vitamin d level tested recently?
I think you should. A deficiency is quite common.

photos by Sarah Bella

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Glamorous Witching Hour

Who knew playing a witch could be so glamorous? A huge thanks to make-up artist Gracie Park for creating this magnificent look and to Cydney of Afton Photography for being the mastermind of this photo shoot. It's part of Cydney's Halloween series and I'm thrilled to be a part of the fun.

So if this doesn't inspire you to get in the Halloween spirit, follow Cydney on Facebook for more of this fabulous series (I hear there will be mummies and ghosts). Halloween has never looked more fashionable and beautiful with this duo,

In short, if you need a photographer or make-up artist, everything Cydney and Gracie does is perfection. They do weddings, family portraits, high end fashion... and witches! 

(That is my cackle p.s.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apple Picking in Virginia

A group of us went to Marker-Miller Orchards for some good, old fashioned apple picking on Monday. Well, we went for apple picking, pumpkin picking, donuts and hot cider. I just love people who like to experience the complete package of an adventure, don't you?

We got there early because we heard the apple cider donuts tend to sell out (we have priorities). After perusing their fabulous shop of jams, produce, and baked goods, we roamed the huge apple farm. We walked in and out of orchards surrounded by fallen apples and cloudy skies. It was actually perfect Fall weather, even though the grounds were a tad wet from the morning's rain.

Running around all these apples like children, I felt like I was in Passamaquoddy a la Pete's Dragon. 

I picked a few Granny Smiths for a pie and Rome apples because they are so gosh darn pretty. But now I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do with all these Rome apples? Any recipe suggestions? I'm not one to just sit and eat an apple. That's just crazy.

Maybe I'll just get some caramel dip and Nutella and be happily occupied until Winter.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My First Photo Shoot in Virginia!

Beautiful, talented, and charming Gracie.
Gorgeous Cydney. Love this girl.

I distinctly remember leaving California and thinking how sad I was to be leaving all my photographer friends. I loved collaborating with them and gained some wonderful friendships while doing so. That's why I'm so grateful I met Cydney, one of Virginia's most fabulous photographers, and we just clicked.

She recently asked me to model for her as a witch in her Halloween editorial and I was so honored. She brought along make-up artist Grace Park and together they completely transformed me into the most shocking witch. Very dark. Very creepy. It was amazing.

They came over in the early morning to do my make-up and dress me. We then headed over to a nearby park with a creepy forest and started shooting. The entire shoot was such a great experience. It helps to be with people as fun and creative as Cydney and Gracie. They kept saying how much of a natural model I was and I was like, "Oh, stop it, guys! Oh Stop! Actually no, don't stop..."

After the shoot, Cydney and I went to lunch and ate deep fried brie.

I think this is a match made in heaven.


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recapturing the Good

My Giselle ladies.
I push them to be better and they take it and they're basically the best group of dancers I could ask to teach.

I saw my mom! She had her 10 hour layover in Virginia so she took a nap at my place and then we ate some lunch at Benihana's.
Despite being up all night in pain and discomfort on a plane,
she was a good spirits like she always is. She's such a fighter.

Mr. B and I took a walk in our forest.
We haven't taken a walk in our forest in so long and it was just good for the soul.

Dinner with our friends. Niki brought out the nice fare and we all felt oh so fancy.

I can't tell you how good it was to see my mom. The weekend was full of great things, but the few hours I spent with her were perfect. She and her husband loved the area and it was neat that she got to see where I live. Chemo and radiation kind of destroy your body in unexpected ways, and she's still dealing with all of them. Despite that, she has such a positive energy and looks great. 

She flies into Germany tomorrow and starts treatment right away. Thank you for all your constant thoughts, prayers, and messages. They are appreciate by all of us.

Did you have a good weekend?

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Special Weekend

Thank you for all your prayers for my mom. She's getting ready for her treatment in Germany and will have a twelve hour layover in Virginia on Sunday. I'm so thrilled I get to see her before she goes and we have plans to meet for lunch. I asked if she wanted to come back to our place to nap or sight see, and she said, "We'll see..." and I was basically like, "I WANT TO SEE YOU FOR ALL TWELVE HOURS!"

Other things this weekend include a BYU game tonight at 10 freaking pm, in the studio tomorrow from 10 am to 7:30 pm, and a girl's night after. So it'll be busy, it'll be good.

My stomach is in knots- I get to see my mom! 

photos from my last trip to Fountainhead River

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately

Brioche with Butter and Himalayan Sea Salt
It's perhaps the most addicting thing. It doesn't have to be brioche (any nice bread will do), but a good sea salt like Hawaiian or Himalayan is key. Lather, sprinkle, eat, repeat.

Butter Lettuce for Sandwiches.
They make sandwiches so pretty and delicious. 

Mormons (or Mormis, as my sister likes to call us) don't drink tea leaves, so I always stayed away from chai. That is, until Kristen told me chai is a spice, not a tea. And then when she moved to Africa she handed me this beautiful glass jar (along with all her other non-mailable food items) and my life was changed. Oh baby, chai is good. This peanut butter is good. I want to lather my body in it.

Brown Eggs
All right, I know they taste no different than white eggs, but there's something hipster agrarian about them and I promised myself when I was rich enough I would only buy brown eggs. It makes no sense as they really are the same as white eggs, but aren't they so pretty?

McIntosh Apples
As you know, I don't like fruit and apples are the most offensive to me, but I recently started craving them out of nowhere and these apples have the perfect texture and sweetness. Not only that, they look pretty in a white bowl on my kitchen counter and make me smile at Fall a little bit more.

What are you loving lately?

photos by me